Broadway Baby
Broadway Baby.png
Album: Bash (EP)
Rilascio: 4 aprile 2014
Di: Cast di Follies
Cover di: Rachel e Blaine
Luogo: NYADA
Episodio: Il coraggio di rischiare

Broadway Baby è una canzone tratta dal musical Follies presente nell' episodio Il coraggio di rischiare, il quindicesimo della Quinta Stagione. E' cantata da Rachel Berry e Blaine Anderson.

Testo della canzone

I'm just a Broadway Baby,
Walking off my tired feet,
Pounding Forty Second Street
To be in a show.

Broadway Baby,
Learning how to sing and dance,
Waiting for that one big chance
To be in a show.

Rachel e Blaine:
Gee, I'd like to be on some marquee,
All twinkling lights,
A spark to pierce the dark
From Batt'ry Park to Washington Heights.

Some day maybe,

All my dreams will be repaid.
Rachel (e Blaine):
Heck, I'd even play the maid
(To be in a show.)

Hey, Mister producer,
I'm talkin' to you, sir.
I don't need a lot,
Only what I got,
Plus a tube of greasepaint and a follow spot!

I'm a Broadway Baby,

Rachel (Blaine):
Broadway Baby,
Slaving at the five and ten, (Oooo, Yeah)

Blaine (e Rachel):
(Dreaming of the great day when)
I'll be in a show. (Rachel: Oh, Oh, Oh Oh)

Rachel (Blaine):
Broadway Baby,(Broadway Baby)

Rachel e Blaine:
Making rounds all afternoon,
Eating at a greasy spoon
To save on my dough.

At my tiny flat there's just my cat,
A bed and a chair.
Still I'll stick it till
I'm on a bill

All over Times Square.

All some day maybe,

Rachel e Blaine:
If I stick it long enough,
I may get to strut my stuff,

Working for a nice man

Like a Ziegfeld or a Weissman

Rachel e Blaine:
In a great big
Broadway show!

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GLEE- Broadway Baby (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD02:39

GLEE- Broadway Baby (Full Performance) (Official Music Video) HD

"Broadway Baby" from Follies-003:12

"Broadway Baby" from Follies-0


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