Nice to Meet You, Have I Slept with You?
Album: N\A
Rilascio: 03 maggio 2011
Di: Canzone originale di Glee
Cover di: Will & April
Luogo: The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion
Episodio: Pettegolezzi

Nice to Meet You, Have I Slept with You? E' una canzone originale di Glee presente nell'episodio Pettegolezzi, il diciannovesimo della Seconda Stagione. E' cantata da Will e April per il loro musical che vogliono fare a Broadway, Crossrhodes: La storia di April Rhodes.

A differenza di molti altri brani registrati in Glee, questo non è stato rilasciato come singolo, e nella puntata è cantato un pezzo corto. Una maggiore lunghezza del brano è stata rilasciata su Tap Tap Glee, e anche rilasciata on-line.

Questa canzone è stata scritta da il produttore musicale Adam Anders e il co-creatore di Glee Ian Brennan.


I caught your eye from across the room.
And it gave me an idea, or two.
I slinked along; the piano played a song as I gave you the old “looky-loo”.
You're the kind of guy who tends to catch my eye.
In fact, you look familiar too.
Think I compared, you’d make a stellar pet,
Nice to meet you, have I slept with you?
See I have been around, my noodle ain’t so good.
And blind in one eye I huffed a lot of glue.
But if you concede, that yes we did the deed.
Well you can bet that I'm up for round two.

We took a cab back to my bachelor pad
I had a feeling I would see this thing through.
My doorman Stan, he took you by the hand,
As he said, "Right this way, you two" ...but you said:

Stanley Glover, you were once my lover!
(It's April!) Yeah! I guess I slept with you!
Because my name is April Rhodes!
I've kissed princes and toads!
And it's a good bet, I've slept with you!

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Glee - Nice To Meet You02:29

Glee - Nice To Meet You. Have I Slept With You (Unreleased Studio)

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